A Brief History of “The Assembly”


The beginning…

September 1990, in the basement of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church—located at 

143 Main Street, Markham, Ontario - marks the beginning of Truth Tabernacle. 

Rev. & Sis Trevor A. Townsend Sr. and family, thus began their pastoral ministry in the City of Markham.  

The first message was preached by our dearly beloved Rev. F.W. McKenzie, Pastor of Weston United Pentecostal Church-UPC.  There were a number of individuals in attendance who later became founding members of the assembly.  


February 1991, the Assembly was ‘Set in Order’ by the District Superintendent of the Ontario District UPC, Rev. W. Cooling, who encouraged the assembly that ‘The Lord would bring in the people’.


In 1996, Truth Tabernacle established a new location at 333 Dennison Street, Markham. With ‘The Lord bringing in the people’ it was necessary to find more space to hold our services.  At this location we had Sunday School Rooms, offices etc.  We no longer had to journey to Weston UPC to baptize candidates as we now had our own pool courtesy of Pastor & Sis Bryson of the Ajax Assembly.


Historical Dates:

September 9th, 1990 Truth Tabernacle held its first service.

1991, Truth Tabernacle was ‘Set In Order’.

1996, Truth Tabernacle moved to a new location.

September 30, 2002 an Application to purchase 717 Highglen Ave was made to the Town of Markham.  

August 25, 2003 the Town of Markham Council approved the purchase of the land.

September 9, 2003 Town Council gave final approval.  Truth Tabernacle was now the owner of property on which to build a Sanctuary.

June 3, 2006 at 1:00pm Truth Tabernacle had its ‘Ground Breaking Ceremony’.


A new chapter…

At our ‘Ground Breaking Ceremony’ service, in attendance was District Superintendent Rev Alonzo Dummitt, District Presbyter Rev. Doril Green, Bishop Paul Reynolds – British Columbia, Rev. Sammy Stewart – Kingston, Jamaica and many Ministers from the Ontario District.


The construction phase was long and challenging as financing of the project was difficult to obtain. There was no doubting by the members of Truth Tabernacle that the Lord would complete that which He had started. And He did! 

Truth Tabernacle is grateful to Bro Garnet Smith – Project Manager, Bro Patrick Grant - Project Accountant, Bro Trevor Townsend Jr. – Housing Coordinator, as well as the number of volunteers both inside and outside the assembly who labored long and hard.